Wednesday, June 10, 2015

An Angel’s Sign

They come to you or me,
In our darkest hours.
I believe there are
Angels among us.

This is a compelling first person account of a teenagers encounter with a Guardian Angel.

These days when I encounter someone who is skeptical about the idea that Guardian Angels exist I just smile and don’t argue.

As a teen I experienced more than the usual angst that is associated with this time in one’s life. I was depressed most of the time and was good at hiding this fact from my family and friends.

Afterwards I was diagnosed with clinical depression and received professional help but at the time I just thought my feelings were normal.

At the age of 17 my thoughts dangerously turned toward suicide. At the time I did not realize how serious my problem was. I spend a lot of time reading alone in my room.

I didn’t realize how isolated I had become from others during this time-I realize now that this was not a healthy choice.

One evening reading in my room thoughts of hopelessness swept over me--one thought persisted--there was a way I could end my pain.

A darkness then took hold of me. Feeling I had no other way out I calmly decided to end my life.

Mindlessly I went through the motions of my normal routine, I placed my homework in my backpack and then picked up a book and lay on my bed.

I turned my radio on expecting to hear my favorite station but instead all I heard was a loud blast of static. I always kept it tuned to my favorite station so this startled me.

I turned the knob in search of a station but there was only static.

I then heard a female voice singing “Don’t give up.” I had never heard this song before. I then heard this same voice state my name over and over again.

The next morning I realized that what I heard had kept me from following through with my dark plan.

The next time I turned my radio on my favorite station began to play.

Shortly after this, I sought help and was able to see my life from a different perspective.

I believe what I heard on my radio was not a coincidence. It was a Guardian Angel sent to help me.

I have spent my life canceling others and I often hear similar stories to my own.

Angel signs come in all shapes and sizes.

They don’t always appear sometimes they are just a sound.

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