Thursday, June 11, 2015

Art Bell Returns to Paranormal Talk

Most people will remember Art Bell from his long running hit paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM that he cofounded. Bell semi-retired from this show in 2003.

Bell is returning with a new show on July 20, 2015. It will be broadcast on the Dark Matter Digital Network and is called Midnight in the Desert. It will air live from 9 PM. to midnight Pacific Standard Time and midnight to 3 AM. Eastern Standard Time for free Monday through Friday.

Fans will be happy to hear this show will be about all things paranormal.

Midnight in the Desert can be heard via his website, or by downloading the Tunein app from the app store on smartphones or tablets.

Listeners can communicate with Bell during the show by hashtag #DMTalk on Twitter, and also through the website Bell will also have computers set up for Skype for listeners who prefer to video chat.

For those who can’t listen live every night, there will be a subscription fee of $5.00 a month to start via, which gives access to all archived shows.

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