Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Time Slips: Phantom House and Vanishing Hotel Room

Time slips is a phenomenon where a person or persons witness scenes or objects apparently from another time period--predominantly in the past.

One case of a phantom house being seen happened near Bury St. Edmunds, in Suffolk, England in 1926.

Bradfield St. George
Ruth Wynne had moved to the area recently to teach school. Wanting to explore her new home Wynne and a 14-year old pupil, a Miss Allington went for a walk from Rougham Green rectory toward Bradfield St. George church.

It was a cloudy day as the two women walked through a farmyard toward the road. Opposite them was a high brick wall and iron gates through which they saw a large Georgian house surrounded by tall trees.

Miss Wynne was surprised because no one had mentioned such a grand house being in the neighborhood. The two women unconcerned then proceeded to their destination the church which was only 300 feet away.

They returned home via a shortcut so they did not pass the stately house again.

It was a year later when both women walked the same footpath through the farmyard to the road but this time they where astonished to see there was no wall, iron gate or grand house.

Instead the area was overgrown with trees, weeds, plants and ponds. The two never saw the house again. They did research but where perplexed to find there was no record of a Georgian mansion existing in the area.

No one has been able to explain what the two women saw.

Another, more fanciful time slip story involves a mother and daughter whom are traveling together. This well-known legend is called The Vanishing Hotel Room.

They were returning from India and stopped at a hotel room in Paris. The mother fell ill so the daughter heads out to get some medicine for her mother.

When she finally returns to the hotel after hours of searching she does not recognize anyone and both the hotel room--they were staying in--and her mother have vanished.

In a classic ending it is stated the daughter never finds her mother or finds out what happens to her.

In another twist to the ending it is stated the daughter after a long investigation finds that the hotel management upon finding the mother has the plague has her moved from the hotel in order to avoid a public panic.

This story is cited in several books as a “true supernatural story.”  But this story is a classic example of folklore.

In a previous post the story of two English married couples in 1979 who stayed at an old-fashioned hotel in southern France on their way to Spain is shared. On the way back, the hotel that appeared to be from another era is no longer there.

Bold Street
The Bold Street, Liverpool time slip stories are also shared

In this post the Palace of Versailles time slip story is briefly mentioned. Both these stories are considered by some to be more credible and can be found here.

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