Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sydney: St. Bart’s Ghosts

In recent paranormal news the following story was highlighted.

St. Bart's Cemetery
This past fall on October 31st 4 members of the Sydney South West Paranormal Investigations team caught what they call an interesting “anomaly” in one photo while on a guided tour.

This group was investigating St. Bartholomew’s Cemetery—the locals call this cemetery St. Bart’s-- located in Prospect, Australia on Halloween. This cemetery opened in 1841 and was used for burials by early settlers in the area.

A fire damaged the old church connected to this graveyard in 1989. Witnesses state this church—which is being restored--and the cemetery are haunted. There have been many sightings of ghosts in the past.

The lead investigator for the Sydney team, Kelly Ryan told a local newspaper that the environment was “controlled” for they were the only ones on the tour that night.

The group points out the figure photographed appeared to be a male with arms and legs and was moving toward were they stood. The members did hear a whining sound in real time.

Gravesite in sunlight.
Of the 300 photos the group’s high spectrum camera took that night the 209th has what appears to be a ghost in it. Despite this the group has declined from stating what they captured is “the spirit of a human.”

The historian and guide, Hazel Magann, who accompanied the team states the ghost captured in the photo may be Thomas James Willis, aka the Penrith Jockey.

She mentions she has always had an aversion to this section of the cemetery—she has experienced “horrendous feelings” near where the photo was taken.

Photos taken just before this frame and seconds after do not have the figure in them.

Here is this photo with the one taken just before it.

Image high spectrum camera caught.
Click to enlarge.

This Sydney team and others have also spotted a little girl ghost in St. Bart’s near the M4 motorway. The team saw this little girl last summer as she ran around, they then watched as she just vanished.

This small ghost is considered a prankster.

Ryan mentioned her team always experiences equipment battery drain when they investigate St. Bart’s.

Tours of this cemetery are given twice a month. There are several other ghosts that haunt St. Bartholomew’s including a former sea captain by the name of Hallen.

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