Thursday, December 10, 2015

Michigan’s Mackinac Island, Part ll

In Part l of this post read about other ghosts that haunt Mackinac Island located at the western tip of Lake Huron.

Mission Point Resort
Mission Point Resort on Mackinac is considered to be the most active of all the haunted areas on the island.

The “Moral Re-Armament Movement” first built the buildings that make up this resort in the 1950s. It was used as the international headquarters for this spiritual group, which aimed for world peace.

In 1966, the buildings were donated to Mackinac College—a four-year school that graduated only one class in 1970.

The property has been used as a hotel since the 1970s.

The resort’s most famous ghost was a student at the college. This ghost is nicknamed Harvey—this was not his real name. This ghost is very active.

According to the legend, this young man fell in love with a fellow student. He asked her to marry him but she turned him down. He then went to the woods in the bluffs behind the hotel and committed suicide.

He was noted as missing in February and his body was not found until the following July.

Suspicions arose that his death might be a murder instead of a suicide when it was revealed he was shot twice in the head and a gun was not found near his body.

It was speculated another student was involved in his death—but the cause of death remains officially suicide.

Resort's theatre
This ghost likes to flirt with women and is a practical joker with men. He has been known to pinch and poke young women while they sit in the resort’s theatre watching a production on stage.

His apparition has been seen in several locations around the resort.

Several paranormal groups have picked up EVP’s in the theatre. Including the young man’s voice as well as the humming described below.

Other ghosts seen or heard at Mission Point include a child heard calling for his parents, several Native Americans have been seen wandering the grounds and a woman is heard singing or humming an old time tune in the theatre.

The following video is of the Ghost Hunters television crew investigating the Mission Point Resort.

In Part l of Michigan's Mackinac Island other hauntings on the island are shared.

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