Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Two ghosts have been seen at this art museum when a portrait of them was on display in this building.

Cleveland Museum of Art
1916 Building
The Cleveland Museum of Art opened its doors in 1916. It has been expanded and renovated over the years. It sits in northeastern Ohio in in the town of Cleveland. It is by the city’s Wade Lagoon and Fine Arts Park.

Claude Monet, the forefather of French Impressionism had a distinct appearance while alive. His salt and pepper beard and favorite bowler hats made him easily recognizable.

When this Cleveland art museum installed a show in 2011 entitled: Painting the Modern Garden, Monet to Matisse, staff at the museum saw Monet’s ghost.

Monet's Water Lilies displayed in museum.
Jeffrey Strean, the museum’s director of design and architecture saw Monet standing on a balcony overlooking the space used for this new show. Monet stood and watched directly above where a vintage photo of him was being hung.

Ghost or Monet look-alike.
In a gallery located in the original space in the museum known as the 1916 Building, one of the original directors of the museum has been seen.

William Milliken
William Mathewson Milliken has been seen wandering through this space. He began work in the museum in 1919 and by 1930 he became the museum’s second director. In all, he worked at the museum for 38 years. He retired in 1958 and passed away in 1978.

Under his guidance the museum gained an international reputation.

He is seen wearing his favorite tweed jacket with elbow patches. He appears to clutch a folder under one arm. It was not until the staff went through the museum’s photograph collection that this connection was made.
Renovated haunted gallery at museum.
In this gallery, night watchmen report their flashlights malfunction. When they enter the room their lights extinguish, once they leave the room their lights turn back on.

During one renovation workmen wearing hardhats reported something similar. The lights on their hats would go out in this gallery only to turn back on once they left the room.

Jean-Gabriel du Theil
at signing of
Treaty of Vienna.
Another haunting involves an oil portrait entitled, Portrait of Jean-Gabriel du Theil at the Signing of the Treaty of Vienna done by Jacques André Joseph Arel. The ghost of Jean-Gabriel du Theil has been seen observing his image.

Water leaks and electrical shorts plagued the corner where their picture once hung. When this oil painting was put in storage the issues stopped.

The above stories where first written down by Carolyn Ivanye the museums protection services operations manager.

Wade Lagoon above and more renovated space below.
This museum celebrates its Centennial anniversary this year.

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