Saturday, October 1, 2016

Goliad: Presidio La Bahia

Two hours south of Houston, Texas on Highway 59 is Goliad, Texas. Just south of this town sits the most fought over spot in Texas history—nine different flags have flown over the Presidio La Bahia.

The Presidio
The presidio’s history is clouded in violence. This is why so many people believe the area is haunted.

The most atrocious act that occurred at La Bahia happened during the Texas Revolution in March of 1836. During the Battle of Coleto, General Santa Anna’s troops were able to retake the fort from the Texas troops.

The nine different flags that flew above the fort.

Over 300 Texas soldiers surrendered. Several days after this battle, Santa Anna ordered the massacre of all these soldiers. They were marched out of the fort in three different groups and shot at point-blank range. 

These men were buried in a mass grave at La Bahia. Today a memorial stands at the site to honor them.

This is the reason why a month later, in April of 1836, Texas soldiers' rallying cry was “ Remember Goliad” * when they defeated the Mexicans and gained independence for Texas during the Battle of San Jacinto.

     * They also yelled, “Remember the Alamo.”

La Bahia continued to be occupied by soldiers, and then by priests. Today, the Catholic Diocese of Victoria owns the “Quarters” at the presidio. It is a National Historic Landmark.

In the 1960s, La Bahia was rebuilt. A museum was opened that highlights the fort’s bloody history. The architecture at the presidio is considered one of the finest examples of the Spanish Colonial style in America.

Once opened, visitors began to report strange encounters at La Bahia.

These reports back up the claims that restless spirits remain in the area.

Common encounters include the sounds of footsteps heard on the roof, while visitors are in the Quarters and the sound of distance canon fire. There are also many other reports of strange unexplained sounds around the fort--including footsteps in the wee hours.

Most chilling of all is the eyewitness reports of seeing spectral soldiers walking around the grounds.

Because of these encounters, various paranormal groups have investigated La Bahia. Their evidence is presented in several videos on YouTube.

The Quarters
Today, tourists can stay overnight in one of the rooms in the Quarters area—the cost is $200.00.

In the spring—the presidio, despite its otherworldly residents, is quite peaceful. Wildflowers bloom on the gentle slopes that surround it. 

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