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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bair Drug & Hardware

Sign read: Bair the Druggist
Pierce County Library archive
In 1895 W. L. Bair opened his modern pharmacy in the coastal town of Steilacoom Washington that sits on Puget Sound.

Bair known as “Cub” to his friends was a meticulous man. His store reflected his attention to detail. His customers could buy medicine and hardware. Many customers ordered a refreshing treat at his soda fountain.

Green River pop unmixed
Cub made sure that his store’s potbelly stove was always stoked. This warm environment always welcomed his cliental including a group of faithful retirees who played checkers in his store.

When Cub died many felt he had trouble giving up his beloved pharmacy for his spirit has haunted this building ever since. People state his ghost still puts in a full day’s work.

When his old store was converted to a café it is said Cub even tried to change with the times. But now his attempt at perfection suffered.

The café’s new equipment often stumped Cub. Employees would find bagels mysteriously burned and the café’s new electrical equipment in the soda fountain was sometimes found broken.

This was just the beginning. Various witnesses reported other strange happenings. One employee saw a group of sauce bottles fly off a shelf. These bottles did not drop to the floor immediately but instead flew across the room.

Café patrons report seeing coffee pots spin and doors swing open. Almost everyone who enters the café state the lights above sway back and forth.

Business today is called Bair Bistro
When a museum was added to the café many felt this mellowed Cub’s ghost. They felt the familiar antiques, such as medicine bottles, old hardware and a line of postal box slots attached to the rear wall made Cub feel more at home.

The activity settled down to the point that people began to believe Cub’s ghost had finally moved on. But this does not appear to be the case.

As recent as 2005, people standing near the postal boxes have felt someone standing close behind them--only to discover no one there. Others have heard distinctive humming.

Several visitors state they felt someone breathing down their necks and then the sound of someone wheezing. Cub’s presence has also been felt in the bank next door.

This old building is located at the intersection of Lafayette and Wilkes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Wall of Angels

Newsweek Magazine first published this story in December of 1993.

Chantel Lakey and her fiancé Dale were driving along the Pacific Coast Highway when Dale abruptly pulled the car over to the side of the road. The sun was beginning to set and he had spotted a trail that he knew had a spectacular view of the ocean.

The two young lovers managed to climb to the top of this trail through a dense forest that grew on a steep cliff overhanging the coast. After admiring the view they started the decent back down the cliff’s side to their car.

Dale spotted an animal trail that he felt would be easier on Chantel. But the pair soon found this was a mistake. For the path they were on quickly turned into a steep cliff covered in loose shale and rock. To compound their situation the sun set and it started to rain. The path they were on became even more slippery.

The two found they could not climb back up so they had no choice but to continue down. Dale walked in front so that he could turn around and help Chantel when needed. Tragically, the last time he turned his foot slipped and he fell off the cliff, to his death.

Chantel was now terrified. In shock and clutching the loose rock near her she was unable to move. Later she stated that she did not believe in a “higher being” but desperate she cried out to God for help.

What happened next she is firmly convinced saved her life. She saw a bright light and then a “gateway between heaven and earth” opened up. She looked around to see that Angels now surrounded her. She described them as a “wall of protection” that was holding her close.

Within minutes she realized that she was now looking up at the cliff from the roadside. “Somehow she had managed to descend” but she did not remember how.

When the recue team went to retrieve her fiancé’s body they found they could not go down the same trail Chantel had descended. They stated the path was impossible to climb down --even with all their combined experience and equipment.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cursed and Haunted Alkimos

The Alkimos, a merchant ship built in 1934 had twenty years service at sea before she wrecked off the coast of Perth, Australia. 

Over the years she has gained a reputation for being haunted. One specific ghost has been seen aboard her many times. The Alkimos is also cursed. 

Since her abandonment in 1963 people who have been connected to her or that even just got near her often have become jinxed.

Her History

Amazingly, the Alkimos was built in just ten days. Haste was necessary for it was just before WWll and she was one of many ships approved by Congress. She was originally named, George Shriver

On the first day of her construction in the Baltimore shipyard it is said welders were accidently sealed in between her hulls. Their ghosts have haunted the ship ever since. 

After WWll, she was sold two times, the last purchaser was a Greek shipping line who rechristened her Alkimos.

Once she became know as Alkimos more bad things started to happen. A murder, suicide took place aboard and after this the crew began to see an apparition of a man they named “Harry” wearing oilskins--rubber boots and a dark green seaman’s coat.  

In 1963 the Alkimos was traveling from Jakata to Bunbury when she ran aground near Geraldton, Australia. He propeller was badly damaged.

A decision was made to tow her to Fremantle where temporary repairs could be done so she could be taken to a larger port. But while awaiting these repairs she mysteriously caught fire and when it came time to tow her to Hong Kong the line between her and the tugboat snapped. 

The Alkimos then drifted toward the coast. She beached near Yanchep where it was decided to salvage her instead.


To the salvage crews that worked on her it became apparent that she was haunted. These crews stayed on board 24/7 while they worked on the Alkimos. 

These men often found their tools had moved had mysteriously moved. Other tools disappeared only to reappear later.

Many of these men would not leave their cabins alone at night. If they did footsteps would follow them. These footsteps were also heard climbing ladders when all the crew was accounted for.

Cooking smells and noises were heard in the galley. When they were investigated the smells and noises ceased. But once the galley door was shut they were heard again. Several men that experienced this became so terrified they quit their jobs. 

Over the following years the Alkimos was sold eight times as it lay stranded. A pattern started. 

Each new owner experienced some grave misfortune once they bought her. Several had to declare bankruptcy others became gravely ill. But once they sold her they were no longer plagued.

One young couple who lived on board as caretakers briefly, had their own misfortune. The wife who was pregnant fell and had to be rushed to the hospital. Her baby was delivered stillborn. 

The ghost of “Harry” started to be seen once more on the ship. Cray fishermen in the area reported seeing a man dressed in oilskins on board the Alkimos. At first, they thought he must be a hermit taking refuse on the ship. But when the ship was searched it was discovered that no one was living on board.

It was said that just passing the Alkimos can bring a person bad luck. 

Herbert Voight, a resident of Perth was a long distance swimmer. He was training in the area near the ship when he disappeared. Later his skull was found in the wreckage of the ship. 

Ted Snider, a member of the US Navy was doing a preliminary assessment to see how much explosives would be needed to blow up the Alkimos’ rudder and propeller. But when he left to inspect another job he was killed in a plane crash.

An author who was writing a book about the Alkimos visited the wreckage site. Shortly after, he became very ill and almost died. 

Countless people who have been near the ship have slipped and fallen or become very ill. Others have drowned. It is stated that horses that are ridden on the beach near the ship become very nervous. They either bolt of refuse to pass the ship.

The area around the Alkimos today is still considered haunted and cursed despite the fact that by the spring of 2007 the ship had disintegrated to the point were it can not be seen from shore above the waterline.