Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dos and Don’ts of Ghost Hunting

Many paranormal web sites have useful lists that discuss what paranormal investigators should do and not do on a ghost hunt. 

Always high on these lists are: do get permission from the owner of the property, don’t ghost hunt alone, do take a first aid kit, do wear soft-soled shoes, don’t wear perfumes/cologne or use scented soaps, don’t drink alcoholic beverages before a ghost hunt—these recommendations are too numerous to list all here…

When preparing a checklist of dos and don’ts take these factors under consideration: which items you place on your list depends upon what kind of investigation your group is doing. 

For instance, the dos and don’ts change if you are investigating outside as opposed to indoors. They change if you are investigating a large hotel as opposed to an individual residence. So your lists should be revised accordingly.

Below are some of my universal dos and don’ts. Let’s start with some don’ts that apply to all investigations:

Don’t ever discuss what evidence you may or may not have caught during or directly after the investigation with your client. 

The reason for this being you really don’t know if you captured anything until you have time to review the evidence carefully, use a process of elimination to rule out man-made causes, compare notes with your team, and then determine if you caught anything you consider paranormal in nature.

Don’t walk into an investigation expecting paranormal activity will occur.

Don’t share your personal experiences with others on your team until they have had a chance to discover them for themselves.

Don’t ever act unprofessionally during an investigation. Keep in mind the impression you leave with the client can help your team get an additional investigation. Word of mouth can make or break your reputation.

Don’t allow pets or children at an investigation whether they are yours or the clients.

Here are some of my dos that apply to all investigations:

Do keep a positive attitude when investigating. Some spirits can figure out if you are vulnerable and use it against you.

Do get plenty of rest before an investigation and eat a balanced meal.

Do help your fellow team members with all necessary tasks to guarantee the investigation is a success.

Do learn to use all of the equipment properly—before you attempt to use it on an investigation.

Do form a bond of trust with your team members. It is essential that you know you can depend on each other.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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