Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Fear Box

Ghost Hunters who use EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meters always take a baseline first of the area they are investigating. This allows them to determine if there is wiring, electrical boxes, etc. that cause their meters to spike. 

These man-made electromagnetic fields sometimes are mistaken for paranormal activity. Some people are extra sensitive to these stronger fields. Hence the term “Fear Box.”

Ghost Hunters (TAPS) refers to this phenomenon as a “Fear Cage.”

A Fear Box can cause a person to feel they are being watched. It sometimes causes such intense vibrations that people feel they have actually been touched. 

This intense field sometimes causes feelings of paranoia and some people literally become physically ill.

As I mentioned in a previous post EMF Meters were developed to detect man-made power sources and determine if there is a leak or extra high reading-- etc. These spikes or leaks can cause Fear Boxes. 

Paranormal groups should be aware of this and test for man-made power sources first. 

If there are none around but there are still spikes (high readings) on their EMF Meters it is at this point an investigator should take note and determine if there is other evidence in the area that points to paranormal activity.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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