Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ghosts vs. Science

Ghosts and science don’t mix. It is constantly pointed out that ghosts do not exist because nothing in science proves their existence. The realm science works within and the realm that ghosts exist in are two separate places. So this is a disingenuous argument.

Throughout world history the belief in ghosts has been widespread and persistent. This belief has always been based upon anecdotal evidence. Anecdotal evidence is considered hearsay or unaccountable. The exception to this is when it is presented by a reliable source. Granted there are people who claim encounters with ghosts who are unreliable sources but just as many people who have encountered ghosts within their lifetime have been reliable.

Reliable anecdotal evidence should not be discarded.

Abraham Lincoln’s ghost is a classic example of anecdotal evidence. Many people over the years have reported seeing him in the While House especially during times of war. Winston Churchill encountered Lincoln while staying in the White House during WW2. He left his bath, still naked, with a cigar in his mouth he walked into the adjourning room where he spotted Lincoln leaning against the fireplace mantle. Churchill stated, “Good Evening Mr. President, you seem to have caught me at a disadvantage.” After which Lincoln smiled and disappeared.

Scientists do not accept anecdotal evidence-- this makes sense because it is the exact opposite of scientific evidence. But this is my point. What little we actually know about ghosts does not fit within the realm of man-made science.

Troy Taylor wrote something that I really like. He is the founder of the American Ghost Society. He states, ”There are no experts in the field of paranormal investigation, no matter what anyone says and regardless of who claims to be one. Ghosts are as mysterious today as they were in the days of ancient Rome and will undoubtedly remain so for many years to come.”

In my opinion, the living, including scientists, do not have the faintest clue as to how to start to explain ghosts and whether they do or do not exist.

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