Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Do Ghosts Communicate?

As I mentioned in another post some, ghosts—Intelligent ones—go out of their way to get the attention of the living. 

Ghosts have habits and routines just like the living. After all, they once were alive. But since we are talking about intelligent spirits, these habits can be highly unpredictable.

So you have just moved into a new house. Your realtor mentioned that the place has a reputation for being haunted. Which by the way—by law in many states is required. 

Your new neighbors sheepishly have asked if you have seen or noticed anything unusual. Your first reaction is, “Has everyone gone nuts?”

You happily settle into your new home and forget all this silliness. 

You start misplacing items; this is not like you; you can’t find the novel you are reading. The next day you find it, but how did it get in the hall closet when you put it by your bed? 

Burrrrr, even though it is early fall this new home of yours appears to very drafty. You are feeling cold chills, so you start to avoid certain rooms because they are much colder than the rest of the house.

Your wife starts complaining about the lights flickering in the upstairs rooms. And there appear to be other electrical shorts. The coffee maker in the kitchen is turning on and off by itself. You pay an electrician to check out what is going on. He finds nothing wrong.

Your kid brother is off to boot camp, and he asks if you will give his black lab a good home. You agree, knowing your children will love this new addition to the family. 

The dog is well behaved, and your brother has trained him well. But after a few days, he starts barking at imaginary things and refuses to enter your son’s bedroom. 

Your wife is concerned because your nine-year-old son starts telling her about his imaginary friend. You both had thought he had grown out of this stage.

You have weird dreams. You are stressed out when you wake because you feel someone is trying to warn you of something, but you don’t remember any specifics. 

You approach your wife and ask if she has started smoking again? A faint smell of tobacco seems to follow you around the house.

Your wife is worried and admits to you that she has been hearing footsteps, faint voices, and even someone humming when she is the only one at home. 

You think you are losing your mind, as well, when you start hearing voices and loud noises that disappear as soon as you pursue them. Your daughter starts crawling into bed with you at night, stating that a strange woman is touching her hair.

When you inquire, your neighbor tells you that several former owners of your house had not lasted as long as you and your family. The previous owners were tight-lipped about why they decided to move out before they even sold the house. 

He tells you about the time he and his wife spotted several blue lights flashing in and out of the second-floor windows of your home when it was empty, and the windows were closed.

Ghosts communicate in a variety of ways. The examples above are just a few.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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Leona Joan said...

I wouldn't mind having ghost around, as long as they're friendly, like Casper the Friendly Ghost. 😎