Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Knight Ghost of Castle Bardi

Castle Bardi overlooks the scenic Emilia-Romagna valley in northern Italy. This castle built in the 900s is one of Italy’s medieval treasures. It sits on a jutting outcrop of red jasper. Castle Bardi is known for its Romero and Juliet tragic love story. It is because of this tragedy that many feel the castle is haunted.

Castle Bardi or Landi Castle

The daughter of the lord of Castle Bardi a young woman by the name of Soleste was in love with the captain of the knights, Moroello. Moroello went off to fight in a long battle. Legend states Soleste ever hopeful for her lovers' return would spend many hours perched high atop the castle fortress--her gaze locked on the distant horizon. One day overjoyed she spotted riders galloping back from the battlefield.

But her joy did not last long for when these riders drew near she saw that they wore the enemies’ colors. Overcome with grief at the thought that Moroello was dead Soleste now filled with despair jumped to her death. But this tale does not end here. It has yet another sad twist.

For the riders that Soleste had spotted were Moroello and his men returned. They had donned their enemies’ colors in order to brag of their victory. Tragically, Morello found Soleste’s dead body on the ground. When he realized what he had done he killed himself.

Ever since this time, there have been reports that Moroello’s ghost wanders the castle grounds searching for his lost love. The following is a picture that was taken by a parapsychologist in one of the castle’s rooms. It is believed to be Moroello’s ghost.

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Castle Bardi or Landi Castle--Landi was the family’s surname during Roman times-- has a torture chamber which is near the castle’s old kitchen. Some joke this was to keep the cooks in line. It is said this area is very active. Today the castle is a popular tourist destination--it hosts weddings and several shops.

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