Monday, August 5, 2013

The Haunted Roman Coliseum

This imposing structure was first known as “The Flavius amphitheater.” Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian family built it. It was completed and opened under his son Titus’ rule in 80A.D. 

It was built to entertain and appease Rome’s need for blood, gore, and revenge. Thousands of humans and animals were killed within its arena. With all this violence, it is clear why the Coliseum is haunted.

The humans that died to amuse the Roman citizenry included: gladiators, soldiers, war prisoners, slaves, and Christian martyrs. These people died in bloody hand-to-hand combat by the thousands, or they were, torn apart by animals. 

The animals that died included lions and tigers and other exotic species that literally became extinct--it is estimated at least 5000 animals were killed.

The Roman “Colosseum” or Coliseum is located in the heart of Italy. It is considered one of the world’s best ancient architectural structures.

It could hold up to 70,000 spectators. The seating tiers were designed in a way that everyone, regardless of where they sat, had a perfect view of the oval arena below. 

Admission for everyone was free, but where you sat in the Coliseum denoted your social standing. The ordinary people sat at the top, and the higher status people sat near the arena at the bottom.

Every year thousands of tourists flock to Rome to see the beauty of the Coliseum. Many of these tourists, their guides, and the workers at this ancient structure have reported seeing and hearing paranormal activity. 

Some have heard screaming and moaning in various places. Others have listened to lion and tiger roars. One sight often reported is that of Roman soldiers standing guard at the multiple Coliseum entrances.

Visitors have seen ghostly figures walking up and down the Coliseum’s staircases. Other witnesses have seen what appear to be ghostly figures sitting in various seats watching what is going on in the arena below. Many people have reported hearing the cheers of a crowd.

The vaults located below the Coliseum are very active. This is where the gladiators waited to fight, and the prisoners waited for a gruesome death. 

This area is also where the Romans placed their bets on the outcomes of the various competitions. Here cold spots are felt, and people have reported that they are touched or pushed. Others have said that someone whispered in their ear.

Employees that have worked the night shift over the years have reported hearing crying in the vault area as well as animals growling.  

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