Saturday, October 12, 2013

Canada’s Screaming Tunnel

This tunnel is located in Ontario in the north-west outskirts of Niagara Falls. The Grand Trunk Railroad built it in the early 1900s --the project was never completed. 

The legend that tells how this tunnel got its name dates back to when it was first built. At one time south of this tunnel on the top of Sand Plant Hill stood a large farmhouse. Today this area is an open field. 

A large family lived in this house but tragedy struck one night. Even since, the following legend has been passed from one generation to the next.

This family’s home caught fire. The parents at first were relieved that everyone had escaped until they realized their youngest daughter was not with them. 

They watched as the hot flames took their home. Horrified, they saw a small figure flee through a barn door her arms crossed over her face engulfed in flames. Her hair and nightgown were smoldering. As the cold night air touched her it fanned these flames and she screamed as more flames burst around her.

Before they could reach her she ran down the hill in the direction of the drainage tunnel below the railroad tracks. They heard more of her terrified screams then all was silent. 

They found her collapsed on the ground in the tunnel. It appeared as if she had tried to roll in order to extinguish the flames but now she was still, her eyes staring blankly upward. They broke down realizing it was too late she was dead.

This version of the story is the one most often told. Another one states that the young girl was from a family whose parents were going through a painful divorce. Her father became mentally unbalanced when he was informed his wife had been granted sole custody of children. 

It is said he dragged his youngest daughter into the tunnel and set her on fire in an attempt to gain revenge. Yet another more modern tale told states that the girl was raped and murdered in the tunnel then her attacker set her body on fire to cover any evidence.

Many who have walked through this tunnel state it has a very negative atmosphere. Even on the sunniest of days it remains dark and damp. 

Many witnesses over the years have stated they heard a young girl’s screams. 

Regardless of which tale is told they all end with the same warning. If a person enters this tunnel today and lights a stick match the flame will frighten the spirit that remains. It is said she then will blow out the match and scream in terror.

If this story was considered a true haunting and not a legend my first reaction would be to leave this poor spirit alone. Even though it is just a legend it doesn’t stop trespassers in the area. The above newspaper article addresses this issue.

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