Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Haunted New Hampshire Store

A week ago the Ellacoya Country Store in the small town of Gilford, New Hampshire experienced something that might just be paranormal activity.

An employee of the store, Heidi Boyd had just left the room when she heard a loud crashing sound. She returned to find a glass tray had fallen off the store’s checkout counter and smashed to pieces on the floor.

She found this very odd since she was the only one in the building when this happened.

Later when the store’s surveillance camera was checked by the owner, Steve Buzzola he saw Boyd leave the room and then a glass tray just fly off the edge of the counter and fall to the floor. He then saw Boyd checking the area and then she came back into the store still searching for what had made the loud noise.

Buzzola states this is not the first time something unusual has happened in the store. When alone in the building he has heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Several store patrons have reported that something “pushed their shoulders” while they shopped.

The store manager, Lisa Giles stated that other employees have heard someone whistling when no one but themselves was in the store. 

After this story was reported on WMUR Channel 9 cynics immediately came forward to say that this is just the store and grill trying to drum up business.

Heidi Boyd responded to these claims on their Facebook page:

“Are you kidding me….we did not make this up people. I was the only one in the store. This tray could not slide off and have everything under it remain untouched.”

Boyd goes on to state that the tray itself had a heavy base so she does not believe it could have moved the distance it did on its own.

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