Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beginning of 3rd Year Blogging

This week is the beginning of my 3rd year blogging.

I just wanted to thank all my loyal readers for coming back to read my posts.

Initially, I started writing Seeks Ghosts in order to share my thoughts and ideas about ghost investigations and I still occasionally do share tips etc.

But Seeks Ghosts has evolved into a platform where I enjoy sharing my favorite ghost stories. Some of these stories are legends, some are true hauntings and some are a mixture of both.

I also share ghost folklore--which has always fascinated me--these stories often reflect what people believed centuries ago.

I have always enjoyed reading the ghost genre so it is logical I enjoy writing ghost stories.

I also enjoy writing stories about curses and guardian angels. In future, I hope to write more posts about these two subjects.

One question I am asked a lot is do I believe in ghosts. I do believe in ghosts but this does not mean I believe every "true haunting" story I share on here.

First and foremost my blog is for entertainment. I enjoy writing these stories and I hope my readers enjoy them.

I am fortunate in that I never seem to experience writer’s block. I owe this to my muse whom I thank out loud on a regular basis. My muse always leads me to my next story and if other things distract me for too long he literally drops my pen off my desk to remind me I should be writing …

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