Saturday, March 29, 2014

More About Poltergeists

Artist conception of poltergeist
 activity in 1911. From French
magazine-- La Vie Mysterieuse.
In a past post I talked about the differences between the main types of hauntings people experience--poltergeists or noisy ghosts is one type of haunting people experience.

The following 5 examples of phenomena are typical to a poltergeist haunting.

Unexplained noises are heard--that cannot be easily explained. Poltergeists often bang or tap on walls loudly. The location of this noise often cannot be determined.

Items in the home are moved or even thrown. Poltergeists like to make their presence known by giving visual clues.

Mysterious voices or whispering is heard. Again often the location of this noise cannot be pinpointed.

Lights and other electrical items in the home are turned on and off without cause. This is yet another visual clue given to draw attention to the activity.

Bed covers or sheets are sometimes pulled off while people are asleep.

As the examples above illustrate poltergeist activity wants to be noticed so this activity literally “gets in people’s faces.”

Unlike other haunting activity that sometimes lasts for years through many generations poltergeist activity is normally of short duration.

The standard belief is this activity occurs when there is some form of emotional upheaval connected to a person that resides in the house experiencing the haunting.

One stereotype that should be broken is that this activity is always connected to teenagers. People of all ages going through emotional stress can be the catalyst for this type of haunting.

Poltergeist activity typically starts out slowly and then the disturbances gradually build in intensity and frequency. An example of this is when noises that are heard become louder and louder.

This activity like most hauntings occurs both during the day and at night. It is just noticed more at night because the environment surrounding the phenomena is quieter.

When poltergeist activity peaks this is when it becomes most assertive. There are documented cases where people have been scratched, bit, slapped, pushed, shoved, and had their hair pulled. But it should be emphasized here this extreme activity is very rare.

Poltergeist activity often decreases in intensity quickly. In fact, in most cases this phenomenon fades away and then completely disappears within a few weeks.

When experiencing poltergeist activity it is best not to: use a Ouija Board or challenge or confront the entity. These actions may accelerate the activity.

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