Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ghost Trigger Object-- Response Stuffed Bear

In my post entitled, The Nevada Exchange Hotel I shared a video of the Ghost Adventure team using a very unique trigger object. * They set up a stuffed bear with a camera filming it. 

But this wasn’t any ordinary stuffed toy they were using to attract a ghost. This stuffed bear detected EMFs and would light up if any entity approached it.

Now, any investigator who wants to experiment with a similar tool can buy what is called a BooBuddy at GhostStop.com.

This bear not only is an EMF detector that lights up but it also talks. It asks a series of EVP questions--pausing after each question. However it doesn’t record sound so a recorder or camcorder needs to be placed nearby. This cute functional bear is advertised as an extra investigator for your team.

The electronics are hidden within this bear and the user can opt to use the EMF and the EVP features together or separately.

The last I checked this stuffed bear was still being tweaked before the end of February but GhostStop is taking preorders. If pre-ordered you receive the sale price of $89.95.

* If you are not familiar with trigger objects read my post about them here--it covers why this is an effective tool to use during investigations.

This video is a brief ad for the BooBuddy--it gives a peak at how it works.

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