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England’s Haunted Wymering Manor

This manor house, the oldest in Portsmouth, England, has more than its fair share of ghosts and legends.

The original Wymering Manor house dates back to 1042. One of the first owners of the manor was King Edward the Confessor. Then after the Battle of Hastings, it fell into the hands of King William the Conqueror who retained it until 1084.

The oldest parts of the current manor house date back to the 16th century. Over the centuries it has had many owners and has been continuously renovated. Modern suburbs surround Wymering today.

Unusual activity has been reported in the house for several centuries. Because of this, several U.K. paranormal groups have investigated it.

Here are just a few of the ghost stories that are told by people who have owned or stayed at Wymering.

A Cousin Returns

One owner, Thomas Parr, was awakened one night to see the apparition of his cousin standing at the foot of his bed. She happily chatted with him about various members of their family that were deceased.

Before she faded away, she fondly told him goodbye and mentioned that the family was getting ready to greet their Aunt Em. The following morning Parr received a telegram that his Aunt Em had died during the night.

One elderly relative that visited Parr at Wymering had an irrational fear the manor would be “invaded by burglars,” so she kept her bedroom door locked as she slept.

One morning she awoke and was surprised to see her door unlocked and wide open.

Singing Nuns

Another owner of Wymering, Leonard Metcalf who died in 1958, reported strange occurrences while living at the manor.

On several occasions, he saw a group of nuns crossing the manor’s hall. He watched as they chanted to the clear sound of music. At the time, he did not know that the Sisterhood of St. Mary of Virgin had visited the house in the mid-1800s.

Metcalf’s bedroom in the house is known as the “Panelled Room.” This room is considered the creepiest place in the manor. One day while standing at a washbasin Metcalf felt a hand on his shoulder when he spun around, no one was there.

Others who have stayed or just visited the room all report they become anxious and wanted to leave immediately.

A couple that lived in the manor also used this room as their bedroom. They stated they often felt fearful.

The Bleeding Nun

Attic Room
One ghost that has been seen for centuries is another nun. She is seen in the hallway outside the attic bedroom, which is directly above the “Panelled Room.”

It is said her hand's drip blood as she stares down the narrow staircase that leads to the attic.

Reckless Roddy

Wymering’s most infamous legend involves Sir Roderick of Portchester.

Newlyweds were staying at the manor when the husband was called away unexpectedly. Reckless Roddy hearing the bride was left alone, went to Wymering to try and seduce her.

The husband returned earlier than expected and chased Reckless Roddy from the home. As he tried to mount his horse, the husband killed him.

The legend states whenever a newly married couple stays at Wymering they can hear Reckless Roddy’s horse galloping down the lane.

Leonard Metcalf stated that shortly after his marriage following WWll, he and his wife were awakened in the middle of the night by the sounds of this horse galloping away.

Sir Francis Austin

Another ghost seen at Wymering is the distinguished Naval officer who was the brother of novelist Jane Austin.

Sir Francis is buried at the nearby Wymering Parish Churchyard. Many witnesses over the years have claimed he haunts the old manor.

One paranormal group states they recorded a video of a tall man they think might be Austin.

Sir Francis Austin

Investigation Results

Various paranormal groups that have investigated Wymering have reported seeing apparitions of both men and women descending the manor’s staircases.

Light anomalies have been photographed, and cold spots are felt. One video captured what looks like a monk standing by one window.

One investigator reported being slapped on the chest.

Others have recorded disembodied voices, singing, and a piano playing--there is no piano in the manor house today.

A baby has been heard crying and the sounds of children laughing have been recorded.

Poltergeist activity has also been reported.

One group claims there are at least 18 ghosts at Wymering.

The manor has sat empty since 2006. It is up for sale for $600,000.

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