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I See Dead People…

This famous line from the 1999 film The Sixth Sense is a reality for the main character in Dwain Campbell’s book, Tales From the Frozen Ocean. Campbell shares the story of a teacher who sees dead people.

Colin Aintree born in Halifax, Canada in 1971 as a child 9 times out of 10 could predict whether a mare was going to have a colt or a filly just by looking at her.

His brothers were jealous of him because he always knew precisely were to cast his line to catch the largest trout. Neighbors came to Colin for he was especially good at dowsing for water.

Without a doubt Colin Aintree had a knack. But in his teens he starts to have experiences that literally terrify him. Later he comes to understand what is happening.

First Visions

At the age of 16, in 1988 Colin attends the funeral of his great aunt. As he listens to the graveside prayers in a cold rain he spies some children cavorting in a remote corner of the cemetery. He loses sight of them but their old-fashioned clothing pique his interest.

They seemed to play in an eerie silence. Curious, Colin after the service heads to the area where he saw these children. He discovers no trace of them. The soil in the area dampened by the rain has no prints.

He does spot the faded markers of four brothers and sisters that all died in a 1893 house fire. Realizing he has seen a family of ghosts a sickening fear overtakes him.

This experience proves to be the first of many visions--they on average occur once a month.

A year later, Colin now a freshman in college goes to Point Pleasant Park with a large group of students. He wonders along a path that runs parallel to the harbor. Glancing down this lane he sees something that shocks him so much he faints.

There, dangling from the branches of a pine tree swaying in the breeze are 3 rotting corpses. When he comes to an old lady standing over him, quizzes him as to whether he is diabetic or epileptic.

The dead men are gone and Colin leaves the park quickly.


Colin confused about what is happening to him falls into a depression. His life changes when a female roommate brings a box of yard sale books home. In this collection he finds a book about the famous Dutch clairvoyant, Gerald Croiset.

After reading several library books about Edgar Cayce, Peter Hurkos and Ingo Swann, Colin realizes there are others that have experienced what plagues him.

Edgar Cayce
Nova Scotia

After graduating from college in 1994 Colin is offered a teaching position in Central Newfoundland.

Photo Spencer Dove
Little does he know that he is about to travel to one of the most haunted and foggy “isles in the fabled Seven Seas.” He finds his talents challenged by dark forces in this land surrounded by a frozen ocean.

If there is a Richter scale for psychics Colin Aintree would be a 10.

Dwain Campbell a college professor shares in his book several tales that happen to Colin--warning they are dark in nature.

His main character finds he must choose between suicide or a mentorship with an ancient Irish nun who is far more than she seems.

Here is a link to where Dwain Campbell's fantasy fiction book-- Tales From theFrozen Ocean-- can be purchased.

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