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Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

Looking for an interesting investigation? Do you like haunted hot spots? If you answered yes--then check out the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital that is located along the northern border of Alabama and Tennessee. This old hospital is open to the general public for over-night investigations.

Old South is located on what locals call the Foothills of the South Pittsburgh Mountain. The hospital was initially opened in 1959--it provided medical care for thirty-nine years and then closed in 1998.

Some state the “care” it provided was substandard with many dying because of malpractice. It is believed this could be the reason this spot is considered one of Tennessee’s Most Haunted.

The land the old hospital sits upon has a varied history. In 1778, the Chiaha Tribe used the property to farm, hunt, and fish. This tribe also grew large orchards. The Cherokee Tribe was attracted to the area later for its access to water.

During the Civil War, the Cherokee Tribe allowed Union troops to store supplies and artillery on part of their land. Later the South invaded the area, and a battle ensued between them and the Union troops. Many soldiers and Cherokee Indians died. Before the end of the war Union troops reclaimed this area.

In the 1920s a plantation was located on the land. One night, it burnt down, killing seven children.

These tragedies are pointed to as possible reasons this area is haunted.

Others feel because the old hospital has a natural spring that runs underneath it, and that the area is rich in mineral deposits, including limestone, could be the cause.

South Pittsburgh Trail

While the hospital was still open medical staff and employees reported seeing unusual activity.

Carts, hospital beds, wheelchairs and other inanimate objects were observed moving on their own.

Reports of dark shadows in the hospital’s corridors were described as well as disembodied voices being heard. Nothing was ever discovered to explain these unusual sights and sounds.

Third Floor Hallway with trigger object--tricycle.
Several specific entities were seen in the hospital. One was a dark 7-foot shadow seen on the third floor. It was believed this was the ghost of a former surgeon at the hospital.

Another is that of a woman in the hospital’s basement. This is where the staff cafeteria was located. This female ghost was a nurse. She has earned the nickname Naughty Nurse because she touches people in their private areas. She also has been known to whisper endearments in peoples’ ears.

Two other spirits seen in the basement include a doctor and a janitor. The janitor committed suicide in this area.

A male toddler-- either 2 or 3 years old makes appearances on the third floor. He is known to urge the living into playing with him, because of this he is known as Buddy.

On this same floor, yet another ghostly nurse is seen as well as an elderly lady.

Here is the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital’s web site.

This 1st person account was emailed and shared on a radio podcast entitled, Real Ghost Stories Online here.

A man by the name of Jamie and a friend drove to the hospital to do an investigation. They had done several other investigations-- because of the phenomenal experiences and evidence they picked up during their first visit.

While doing an EVP session in the basement, this investigator had his chair violently kicked by something unseen, it flew into the air. This was not an easy task, for Jamie is over six feet tall, and weighs over 240 pounds.

It is believed it was the janitor--an entity seen and felt in this area. He committed suicide in the basement. Jamie was sitting in this man's favorite chair.

Once upstairs they did another EVP session in the area on the 3rd floor that at one time held both the Maturity Ward and a Psychiatric Ward. Jamie and his friend asked several questions.

When listening to their recording later, they discovered they had not received any direct responses to their questions, but the entities had instead talked along during their conversations--as if they wanted to join in.

Jamie picked up a nurse talking in the Maturity Ward stating she wanted to help.

I personally have had similar experiences with EVPs. I have captured several where ghosts have chimed in on a topic I was talking about.

While he slept in the hospital that night, Jamie decided to leave a recorder going by his bed. Later, when he listened to this recording, he heard a conversation between two ghosts--the first stated, “Leave him alone he is sleeping.” The second ghost laughed in response.

The next morning Jamie went back up to Maturity/Psych Ward and did an EVP on his own. He asked if the ghosts needed anything. Later, when he listened to this recording, he heard an elderly lady ask for, “ A Pepsi and orange sherbet.

This old hospital has been investigated by many paranormal groups. Here is one YouTube video that highlights what one group captured. Keep a close eye on the upper right-hand video. A white figure appears after the investigator puts on a white doctor's lab coat-- an effective use of another trigger object.

I talk about trigger objects here.

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