Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nebraska: Haunted Locker Room

The following ghost encounter took place in Lincoln, Nebraska, at East High School.

Cayenne, while in elementary school, was on her school’s swim team. Her team used the swimming pool at East High School, for their workouts.

During one afternoon practice, Cayenne had to leave the pool early, for her mother was picking her up for a dental appointment.

She stood under the warm shower spray rinsing the chlorine from her back. She tried not to think about the fact she was in the locker room alone.

Just the week before, she had left the pool to use the restroom, and while in this locker room, she had felt an unnatural chill. Then as she headed back to the pool, she heard a strange sound.

Once back in the pool, she realized the sound she heard was another person’s breathing. She was sure she had been the only person in the room, so this realization scared her.

Being alone in the locker room, once more, Cayenne just wanted to dress and leave the room. Before she could finish rinsing her hair, the shower spray turned off. She turned the tap back and forth, but the water did not come back on.

Shivering and cold she hurried to her locker, but just as she reached it, the shower turned back on. Shaking off a feeling of unease, she went back to turn the water off.

As she turned, she heard a locker door slam shut. Then several more slammed shut. As the water from her wet hair dripped into her eyes, she heard yet another locker open.

Someone must have come into the room. She heard several more lockers open and then shut loudly. She called out, “Hello?” 

No one replied. Cayenne realized she was alone in the room. She quickly headed back to her locker. As she dried off and dressed, she glanced up at the wall clock. She then remembered it was broken--it always read 12:12.

As she looked at the clock, the second hand started to move. Now in a panic, she struggled to stuff her wet suit and towel into her bag. On the wall above her head, the PA speaker crackled with static, but no voice came on.

She put her feet into her shoes and didn’t stop to lace them up. She grabbed her gym bag and started to shut her locker door with her shoulder, but something drew it away from her and closed it gently.

As she moved toward the door, the room felt different. It was if the air around her became thicker. By this time, she was running. As she passed the mirrors above the sinks, she spotted a reflection of another girl in one mirror.

She had her hand in the air like she was waving goodbye to Cayenne.

Cayenne is not the only witness that has seen this ghost. Several witnesses have seen the reflection of this girl and heard the locker doors slamming shut.

In 2012, late one afternoon, a female custodian locked the doors and was working when the lights went off in the locker room. She made her way to the switch and realized it had been turned off--she was alone, and the doors were locked.

Other employees at the school have had locker doors swing open in front of them as they pass, and heard someone breathing behind them.

One custodian that quit, broke his leg while in this locker room--when asked what happened all he would share was that the ghost had caused it.

Excerpts from A Guide To The Ghosts Of Lincoln, by Alan Boye.

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Unknown said...

My best friend and I encountered this ghost back in 1997 in the locker room. We were there early in the morning for practice (5:45) and the door to the pool was still locked. We were standing at the bank of mirrors nearest the door to outside. We both saw a girl walk by through the mirrors reflection on the other side of the rows of lockers. We searched the locker room over and again and no one was there. Of course after being thoroughly freaked out we told our coach who laughed at us and thought we were making it up. -We are glad to see that we are not the only ones to have experienced seeing the reflection. But the biggest question is: who is the ghost?!