Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cape May’s Ghosts and Legends, Part ll

Cape May is a peninsula town located on the southernmost tip of New Jersey. In Part l I share sightings of ghosts seen near Higbee Beach. The two stories below are part legend and part true hauntings.

Beach at Cape May
The Pirate’s Treasure

A legend connected to the Captain’s Quarters an inn in Cape May, now renamed The Inn on Ocean is that it has a buried treasure on its property.

The Inn on Ocean
An unseen force protects this inn. One witness to this phenomenon is a man whose family owned the inn for ten years. He states this treasure, 40,000 British pounds, is buried beneath where the inn stands today.

A sea captain who looted many British vessels was able to amass a small fortune. Returning home to Cape May he gave his fortune to his mistress and told her to protect it. He then returned to sea.

Tragically, his ship was lost in a storm and when the captain did not return his mistress heart-broken committed suicide by hanging. She took the secret of the location of the buried treasure with her.

It is believed her ghost, named Charlene, wanders the inn today still protecting this treasure.

The owners of the inn state her ghost likes to make noise. Her footsteps are heard and she whispers a lot. Charlene also likes to bang cabinets doors.

The inn’s attic is where she often plays pranks. She likes to lock people in this room. When locksmiths are called out and arrive she then unlocks the door.

People are warned to leave the room immediately for Charlene locks the door again.

Higbee Beach and the Hound of Hell

In Part l of this post witnesses state they have seen a ghostly man walking a large black dog along this beach which is on Cape May’s bay side. Over the years these witness sightings have been exaggerated.

Higbee Beach
A legend about Higbee is about a Hound of Hell, which haunts it. This dog is described as very large and black. When this hound is seen he is sometimes accompanied by a dark figure dressed in a black cloak.

It is said both this figure and the dog have fiery glowing red eyes. Witnesses’ state when they spotted these two figures they also smelled the distinct odor of sulfur--an odor often connected to evil.

This phantom dog is said to carry a curse--so people are warned this hound brings bad luck and death.

When this legend began no one knows but this type of hound is often associated with guarding a burial ground. In this case, maybe a Native American burial ground.

This legend also states this hound protects the souls of sailors lost at sea and even pirate’s buried treasure.

In Part l of Cape May's Ghosts and Legends I share one man's encounter with several ghosts.

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