Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kuldara India: Cursed and Haunted Village

In India, if one is in search of ghosts the village of Kuldara is always mentioned. This picturesque village is 9 miles from Jaisalmer and sits on the edge of a desert.

Well-planned temples, streets and large houses remain but they all are empty.

Five hundred years ago Kuldara was a prosperous community with businessmen-farmers called Paliwal Brahmins. Overnight this entire village of 1500 people left.

No one saw them leave or ever discovered where they went. Adding to this mystery was the fact they left behind all their belongings.

Local lore states that when the Paliwal abandoned Kuldara they cursed the village. It is believed that if anyone tries to stay overnight or inhabit the village they will meet a brutal death.

Even today why these villagers left remains a mystery.

One popular legend told is the Paliwal left because of Salim Singh, the minister of the state of Jaisalmer. He fell in love with a beautiful girl in Kuldara while he visited the village.

He demanded to marry her--threatening any who stood in his way.

The girl’s father, the chief of the village, then abandoned Kuldara along with people from 84 adjoining villages.

A more practical reason put forth for the abandonment states when a war erupted this forced the villagers to evacuate.

Besides the curse, Kuldara is also believed to have active ghosts. In 2013, Delhi’s Paranormal Society, led by Gaurav Tiwari sent 30 investigators to determine whether the rumors about Kuldara’s ghosts were true.

This group stayed overnight in this eerie village. They were not disappointed.

They picked up sudden rises and drops of temperature on their Kll meters--at one point within a few steps one meter went from 105 degrees to 87 degrees. They spotted moving shadow figures and picked up disembodied voices on their recorders.

The group used a Ghost Box and several spirits gave their names.

One investigator while alone felt someone touching his shoulder from behind.

When this team went to leave the village they discovered children’s handprints on several of their cars. There were no children with them or in the village.

Arjun Sachdeva, a tour guide believes Kudara is haunted. He states every time he visits the village something unusual happens.

He like the paranormal team above has discovered mysterious small handprints on his vehicles. Another time while visiting the village with a film crew he states a generator caught on fire for no apparent reason.

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