Friday, March 13, 2015

First Person Account: The Stink Bomb

A psychotherapist by the name of Eileen who specializes in grief counseling first told this story.

A father had tragically lost his teenage son to a fatal car crash. He could not get passed his sorrow so he sought professional help.

After one session he mentioned an issue that was troubling him. He told Eileen that while traveling in his car alone he often had a strange experience.

When his son Chris was younger he and his father had a running gag. Chris would pass a major a stink bomb in the car and then without real sincerity he would apologize.

His father did not always find this amusing. The father told Eileen that he still smelled this foul odor in his car occasionally.

She asked him what he would do when Chris was alive. He told her that “he would yell at Chris to stop it”--half serious and half kidding.

Eileen recommended that the next time he smelled the odor that the father should do what he always did. She told the father that Chris’ spirit could just be letting him know he was still there and everything was fine.

A half-hour later the father returned to the therapist’s office. Eileen asked him what had happened. The father told her he had barely gotten out on the road when he smelled the foul smell once more.

He told her I did what you suggested. I stated, “Chris how many times have I told you not to fart in the car.” This worked for the odor went away immediately.

The father admitted that maybe it was Chris letting him know everything was all right. He felt his response had let Chris know he had gotten his message.

In Eileen’s profession she has encountered many stories like the one above. She firmly believes death is not the end. Her clients often experience a special sound or odor or something that is connected to a deceased loved one.

She admits it might be people’s minds remembering but it also might be a loved one proving that love and affection continues after death.

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