Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Grim Reaper or A Prank

This past August 2014 in my hometown, Albuquerque, New Mexico a strange sight
Various photos snapped.
literally stopped traffic along I-25 near the Gibson exit.

An old cemetery, San Jose del El Rosano was divided into separate parts with the construction of this interstate years ago. Because of this sections of this cemetery are right next to this highway. One part even sits between one of the roads’ on ramps and the overpass.

During the week of August 12th during the supermoon people saw something they described as “weird” and “scary.” Many not only stopped their cars but then got out to take a closer look.

Several witnesses snapped photographs and one person took raw video of the dark figure that stood before them. What frightened these witnesses was a very tall figure standing at one entrance to the cemetery.

Most did not know what to make of this dark figure, dressed in black its face completely obscured by darkness. Some stated it appeared to carry a bouquet of flowers in its hands, others stated it carried something green near its midsection that was glowing.

One witness that stopped, Michelle Gonzales stated she moved to approach this figure when another witness stopped her. He felt that was an unwise decision since they did not know for certain what this figure was doing there.

Several witnesses at the cemetery and many more who viewed the photos taken afterwards felt this figure was the Grim Reaper. But most after the fact stated it was obviously just a man perpetrating a prank.

Several witnesses that saw this figure with their own eyes were not so sure this simple explanation was the right one. They stated that this was something more.

Rumors spread afterward that the “man” seen standing in this cemetery that day was arrested--the authorities were called to the scene --but there is no record anyone was arrested.

Later, a local TV news team interviewed this man when he appeared again and it was determined that he was was indeed human. 

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