Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Brother’s Intervention

This story has been told since the 1960s.

A brother killed in a car accident 20 years before this incident is credited with saving his sister’s life.

While driving at high speed a tire blew out on the car she drove. She skidded out of control—her car careened down a ditch through dead brush and tall trees.

As this horrifying scene unfolded, she heard her brother’s voice state clearly, “Undo your seatbelt, now.”

Without thinking, she obeyed his command—she unclipped her belt. At that moment her body “like a ragdoll” took flight and landed in the car’s backseat.

The car came to an abrupt stop and flipped over. It had landed in a residential backyard. Hearing her cries for help the owner of the nearby home managed to pull her battered and bruised body from the window of the wrecked car.

When the emergency crew arrived, they were at a loss as to how she had survived the crash. The driver’s side of the car was crushed and smashed into pieces.

She told her rescuers that her brother had saved her life. If she hadn’t unclipped her seatbelt when she had, she would have been killed.

They listened but were skeptical about her story.

This woman has never changed her story. To this day, she believes if her brother had not spoken when he had, she would not be alive to tell her tale.

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