Friday, September 25, 2015

Bassa Villa: Pint Glasses Smashed

Yet another pub in England appears to be haunted.

Bassa Villa in Bridgnorth
The Bassa Villa pub in Shropshire, England caught on their CCTV-- security cameras--an unseen force hurling pint glasses off the bar’s shelves.

Unusual activity is something that new owner Nick Bevon is used to. He has worked in the pub for years and has experienced unexplained activity in the past.

While working alone he has had his wrist grabbed, while he was in the pub's cellar, and he has seen a mysterious figure walk across the bar—all the while wondering if it was just his imagination.

Bevon and many others have also heard strange noises in the pub’s cellar.

The most notable incident although happened last month-- in mid-August. Nick and his assistant manager entered the pub one morning to find smashed glass all over the floor.

Thinking someone had broken in the night before Nick checked the pub’s security cameras.

He was surprised to see glass pints falling from various bar shelves at 1:43 a.m. without any apparent assistance.

He checked the scene from several camera angles, but concluded no one was in the pub at the time these glasses fell.

A scene from the video footage.
Bevon states, “I do not believe in ghosts but I can’t see any other explanation for this.”

The activity in the pub is attributed to the mother of two children who drowned in the building. It is said she is the dark lady seen walking around the pub.

In the 1600s, when the pub was known as the Magpie House, these two children, Charlotte and William, drowned while playing hide and seek when the pub’s basement was flooded from the River Severn.

Bevon looking down the well.
However, Nick Bevon recently discovered an old well in the pub’s cellar—he thinks the children might have drowned in this well instead.

The following is some of the activity that Bassa Villa’s security camera’s caught last month.

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