Monday, September 28, 2015

New Orleans’ Place d’ Armes Hotel

Place d' Armes

This old hotel in the heart of the French Quarter in Jackson Square is made up of 8 town homes with 85 rooms that all surround a pretty courtyard with lovely magnolia and crepe myrtles.

This courtyard also has a pool and a lovely fountain.

The Place d’ Armes was built in 1725 and is a beautiful example of 18th century architecture. The guests that stay here enjoy wonderful views of the Quarter including St. Louis Cathedral.

The hotel got it French name Place d’ Armes for originally it was the place in the Quarter where the military was stationed so it became known as a “place of arms.”

The site where the hotel sits was once the original school in New Orleans. In the Great New Orleans Fire of 1788, most of this school was destroyed, killing the school’s headmaster and several students.

The ghosts that haunt the buildings are said to be victims of this fire. Many claim they still roam the halls of this hotel.

Guests report hearing the sound of footsteps, voices and laughter often above their rooms. Furniture is heard being moved around in unoccupied rooms and music without source is reported.

Two apparitions that interact with the guests include a young girl and old man. The young girl dressed in old-fashioned clothes asks guests where her grandmother is and then vanishes into thin air.

The ghost of an old man with a beard is seen. He also wears 18th century clothing. He is said to nod at the guests politely and like the young ghost then just disappears.

Many who have not experienced any of this paranormal activity at the hotel still state the Place d’ Armes has a definite otherworldly feel to it.

For years it has been considered one of New Orleans “most haunted.” Many of the haunted tours through the Quarter include at stop at the Place d’ Armes.

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