Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Loss of Mark and Debby Constantino

Death is not a period but a comma in the story of life.

In happier times.
The paranormal community received startling and sad news this week. Mark and Debby Constantino who were featured several times doing EVPs on Ghost Adventures died in an apparent murder/suicide yesterday.

Debby filed for divorce earlier this month.

The two recently had arguments over money that ended in physical violence—in March Debby was arrested for scratching and slicing Mark’s arm open with a kitchen knife.

Mark and their daughter Raquel were arrested in August and charged with kidnapping Debby breaking her nose and strangling her.

The court let Raquel and Mark out on bond with the stipulation they stay away from Debby.

Yesterday, September 22, Mark went to the home where Debby lived in north Reno and shot and killed her male roommate and then kidnapped Debby.

Another female roommate alerted the police that Debby was missing.

The police went to Mark’s apartment in Sparks where he opened fire on them. They and the FBI spent several hours trying to coax Mark to surrender. When they entered the unit they discovered both Mark and Debby dead.

May both their souls rest in peace.

This is a horrific tragedy for everyone involved but as time passes I hope the Constantino’s will be remembered for the contributions they made to paranormal investigations.

I observed first hand how they conducted EVP sessions, which changed the way I do EVPs. I wrote a post about their unique method back in 2011, here.

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