Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Compelling EVP Evidence

I have found EVP recordings are often caught when least expected. In early posts on this blog I mentioned the fact that my group often caught ghosts on tape at unlikely times.

Ghosts would join our conversations when we were busy or having light hearted conversations.

This kind of activity appears to attract them as well as the traditional formalized question-answer EVP sessions.

John P. Mimms wrote an article for Huffington Post entitled, The 7 Scariest Ghost Encounters A Paranormal Expert Ever Had.

In this article Mimms recounts similar experiences he and his group have had.

Investigating a large tuberculosis sanatorium his group were packing up their equipment in order to investigate another area when in one hallway they captured an unexpected voice. This area is known to be haunted.

Mimms had inadvertently left one recorder on in this area as they packed up. The next day as he listened to the recordings made at the sanatorium he heard a little girl’s voice amidst his investigator’s quiet voices.

She was singing. Near this hallway it was believed a little girl and her mother died in the 1940s. The volume of her voice changed as she moved closer than further away from Mimm's recorder.

Just before this recorder was turned off, Mimms heard this girl’s voice further on down the hall stating in a singsong voice, “I’m down in this room.”

During another investigation at a home where the owner had died two months before of lung Cancer Mimms’ team picked up another unexpected EVP.

A recorder was on as they were talking to the owner’s daughter who was emotional as she told them about her father. Later when this recorder was reviewed a raspy voice was heard telling them “to get out.”

When they shared this recording with the daughter she identified it as being her father’s voice.

During a third investigation in a 120-year old house museum the team picked up boisterous laughter.

The original owner, in the 1930s, was a jovial man who was well liked by the community. The team yet again during a time they were not trying to make contact—made a connection.

This man’s infectious laugh was captured on one recording.

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