Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Loud Ghost is Kicked Out

“The whole reason my family and I moved here beside the cemetery was because it was quiet and peaceful. But it got so we couldn’t get a decent night’s sleep.”

In 2013, the Weekly World News published an article written by Margie Floori, which didn’t get the notice it deserved.

She wrote about a small town, Fuers, France where the citizens had demanded that a female corpse be removed from their local cemetery. The reason for this request was this corpse manifested as a ghost and its screams were disturbing the neighbors.

A few days after Yvonne DeLyon, 61 was buried residents who live near the town’s cemetery stated her ghost screamed and wailed all night. One family found this not only disturbing but also scary. “We moved here thinking it would be quiet.”

Many stated the noise the ghost made was incoherent ranting but others stated they heard the woman distinctly nagging her husband who had died 3 years earlier.

One male witness stated he heard her yelling, “Charles, don’t you dare leave that wet towel on the bed,” or “Why don’t we ever go out to dinner?”

This surprised people who knew Mrs. DeLyon while she was alive. She was characterized as being “quiet and retiring.”

A French parapsychologist, Dr. Yvette Colvert responded, “This happens occasionally with people who were timid and shy in life. After death, they finally get the courage to stand up for their rights. Then there’s no stopping them.”

The manager of the cemetery, Jean Vecque professed he did not believe in ghosts until this incident. When the complaints started to roll in, he investigated and was surprised when what he discovered confirmed the reports.

At first, he felt it must be someone playing a practical joke but after standing near the grave for an entire night he changed his mind. He admitted what he heard scared him.

“I heard such an eerie screeching. It was definitely coming from the DeLyon grave.”

It took 6 months of complaints before the authorities responded. The town council made the decision to exhume and relocate the body. 

Jacques DeLyon, Mrs. DeLyon’s son fought this decision stating, “I paid good money for the plot and she has the right to rest there.” But DeLyon’s bid was denied.

Yvonne DeLyon now lies in a rural graveyard, miles from the town. She no longer disturbs people’s rest or scares them.

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