Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spirits in Restrooms

In Japan, just in the last 70 years folklore about spirits that lurk in girl’s school restrooms have become popular.

These spirits are said to haunt specific stalls in these school restrooms.

These stories became so widespread across Japan twenty years ago—teachers across the country had little girl’s refusing to use the toilets at school.

This situation was eased when a policy was set forth that all young girls should go to the restrooms with a partner—so they were not alone.

One of the most widespread tales is about a female spirit called Hanako-san. It is said this young spirit haunts 3rd-floor school restrooms. She is seen in the 3rd stall.

Children were told if they don’t see this spirit all they had to do is knock 3 times—many stories state this spirit is a demon—and call her name. Then Hanako-san would appear once they open the stall door.

Some stories state she is a little girl that wears a red skirt. Various regions of Japan describe her differently. One story states she has a bloody hand that she uses to grab her victims with. Another states this spirit is a lizard that devours its victims.

In tamer versions, this spirit just wants a friend—but in most, it is stated Hanako-san drags her victims to hell through the toilet in this stall.

The origin of this tale began during World War ll. It is said Hanako-san was a young schoolgirl who while using the toilet was killed when a bomb was dropped on her school. It is said she has been trapped in schools ever since.

Kashima Reiko
A second spirit, said to haunt girl’s restrooms in schools is called, Kashima Reiko. This spirit was cut in half by a train. Her disfigured spirit has haunted school restrooms since.

It is said as female students enter the stall where she lurks, she asks them where her legs are. If she is not satisfied by their answer—which I imagine is never—she rips their legs off.

Yet a third spirit that is said to haunt school restrooms is a male entity. This spirit is called Aoi Manto or just Manto.

It is said he lurks in the last stall. This spirit also asks his female victims a question. Do you want red or blue paper?

If the young student says “red” he then slashes their neck and back with a blade—killing them. If they respond “blue” he kills them by hanging.

One can understand why young female students in Japan are scared to use their school toilets.

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