Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wildland: Rock Video Ghost

When the Australia Band Wildland filmed a music video for their title song Wildland something unnerving and creepy was discovered while the video was being edited.

Glen Davis in the Capertee Valley
In 1990, the band had spent the day filming this video in the remote ghost town of Glen Davis in New South Wales.

From 1939 to 1952 the National Oil Proprietary Limited extracted oil in the area. The facility was not the safest. Long work hours led to fatigue and faulty equipment that was salvaged caused many workmen’s deaths.

The day of the shoot the weather was rainy and bleak but members of the band, crew and the cameraman who filmed the video all stated that the atmosphere at this location had an otherworldly or eerie feel to it.

Despite the fact, this ghost town was deserted except for them what the music video shows are a ghostly figure leaning against a concrete pillar.

It appears to be faceless. It wears a dark overcoat and a hat and at one point on the video, it seems as if its head is detached from the rest of its body.

After this strange sight was discovered the band and crew meticulously accounted for the whereabouts of everyone while this scene was shot. After viewing the video--no one could identify this mysterious figure.

None of them saw this figure during the shoot.

Still shot with a closeup.
The town’s historian, who lived there as a child, thinks this ghost may be a miner who was killed. His body was washed downstream to the spot where the figure appears on the film.

Another possibility is the figure is the spirit of a priest who committed suicide near the deserted machine shop where the video was filmed. Could the dark clothes seen on this figure be the dark robes of a priest?

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