Saturday, April 30, 2016

Haunted Apple Computer

This is one way to make a quick buck . . .

The popular site eBay is notorious for users offering haunted items. The following story I found amusing.

In February of 2015, an Apple laptop was put up for auction. The male owner of this computer put his 2007 13-inch MacBook on the site. He stated his laptop was “very haunted.”

He described a scenario where he was out sketching a spooky mental hospital while he sat in a graveyard one night—wait for it—under a full moon.

When he left he forgot to take his laptop with him. He left it in this graveyard overnight. When he returned to retrieve it he found it propped open and playing his favorite Beethoven music—cue the spooky music.

This owner stated that soon after this weird things began to happen.

He discovered all his songs on iTunes had become “scary or haunted” and his desktop background changed to a scary photo.

He then stated the ghost that now inhabited his laptop began to leave him notes. Not typed on the machine’s word processor but instead with pen and paper. The owner here points out that the ghost, not being from a recent era, was not technologically savvy.

Considering this, then how did this ghost change his iTunes songs and desktop photo?

The final bid on this item reached well over $6,000. This is six times the value of this laptop when it was new.


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