Monday, April 18, 2016

Stanley Hotel: Ghost Photo

Recently a man, Henry Yau staying at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado captured what many feel is a photo of a ghost. This photo was published on 4/15/16.

Yau took a panoramic photo of the hotel’s lobby. In the center is the main staircase. When he took the photo no one was standing on the staircase.

Yau's panoramic photo of the lobby in black and white.
Later when he inspected the photo he spotted a ghost wearing a black dress.

Since a paranormal team has blown the photo up. They state they see two ghosts in the photo. The first is a lady wearing a long black period dress, to the left of this figure is a child.

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This evidence does not surprise me for both times I have visited the Stanley I have been touched by unseen presences. The first time I visited, my leg was tugged and the second time my shoulder was tapped.

The first time I visited, as my team and I sat in one suite on the second floor, our spirit box proceeded to state each of our professions.

Below is a news report done about the image, Henry Yau captured in his photo.

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