Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Haunted B-29 Bomber

Located in the San Joaquin Valley in northern California is the Castle Air Museum. This museum is nearby the closed Castle Air Force Base.

The Castle Air Museum displays over 50 historic aircraft from the World War ll, Korean and Vietnam War eras.

Raz'n Hell
One restored aircraft at this museum has a reputation for being haunted by a ghost named Arthur. This ghost is called Arthur because of a set of dog tags found in the plane when it was first brought to the museum.

This aircraft is a B-29 Superfortress—the kind used to drop the Atomic bombs on Japan. It is called the Ran’z Hell.

Crew standing in front of
intact Raz'n Hell
during Korean War.
No one knows for sure who Arthur is because when this Boeing B-29 was restored it had to be pieced together from 3 seperate aircraft of the same model. All had served in the Pacific theater during World War ll.

One common report from witnesses is this aircraft’s landing lights are seen on at night. The problem with is all the Raz’n Hell’s wiring has been removed.

Other witnesses have reported seeing its propellers rotating even though they are locked in place.

Several visitors and workers have seen a shadowy figure moving around the cockpit area. Others have reported seeing a dark figure sitting in the cockpit.

During the time the plane was being restored, one employee while working in the cockpit stated he asked a friend to hand him a wrench. Without looking up he felt this wrench placed in his hand.

Seconds later, he looked out one window and saw his friend outside the plane. He looked around but no one was in the B-29 with him.

Other activity involving tools includes ones that are moved without explanation and others that have disappeared.

One former Castle Museum worker states that he often worked on a plane directly across from this Superfortess. On more than one occasion he noticed the co-pilot window open only to see it closed minutes later. This was when no one was working on the Raz’n Hell.

A tradition among the workers at this museum is to request permission from Arthur before they enter this B-29 bomber.

Several paranormal groups have investigated the Raz’n Hell. They have walked away with some interesting evidence.

One team recorded what they feel is the sound of Morse code. This has led many to believe that Arthur must have been a radio operator.

Other teams have heard and recorded distinct knockings on the plane’s fuselage when no one was near this area.

Here is a report done by a local news show about this haunting.

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