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Wyoming’s Plains Hotel

This luxury 5-story hotel in Cheyenne was opened in 1911 to provide a comfortable place for oil barons, wealthy ranchers, and Army officers to stay. 

It also catered to tourists headed to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

Plains Hotel
Sponsored by the Cheyenne Securities Company the Hotel's cost, including décor and furnishings, was $250,000.

It has a grand ballroom and a lobby that is provided with extra light from a spectacular stained-glass skylight. It has a central marble staircase, as well as rich mahogany and leather furniture throughout.

The skylight over the lobby.
When it first opened, the Mezzanine featured an orchestra that played for its distinguished guests. In more recent years, Presidents Truman, Nixon, and Reagan, all stayed at the Plains.

Each of its one hundred guest rooms has plush velvet carpet, phones, private baths, and large brass beds.

The Plains has been renovated twice, first in the 1930s, and then again in 2002. Many guests today still enjoy the cowboy-themed luxury.

People who promote the Plains Hotel are not shy about another feature it has. The violence that occurred in the hotel in the past has resulted in four resident ghosts.

Soon after the Plains opened its doors, a honeymoon couple checked in. This couple was given a suite on the 2nd floor. They had an argument stemming from the bride’s nervousness about their marriage bed.

The groom impatient and angry left his bride and went down to the first-floor bar. While there he met a local prostitute.

Wigwam Bar
Rosie, his new wife, became concerned about how long her husband had been absent, she grabbed a gun for protection and headed toward the bar. She entered just in time to see her husband leaving with the shady woman.

She followed them up to the fourth floor and watched as they entered a guest room. Upset, she gathered her courage and barged into the room only to find her husband in bed with this lady.

Rosie angry at this betrayal raised the gun she held and shot them both. Distraught, she then went back to her room and shot herself. This double murder, suicide resulted in an active haunting.

Rosie’s ghost has been seen wandering the second floor. She wears a blue gown, and witnesses state she appears to be lost in thought with a look of disappointment on her face.

Housekeepers state they have heard phantom wailing coming from the newlywed’s room, and guests who have stayed in this suite say they have listened to the actual argument that occurred between the bride and groom before the husband left for the bar.

Rosie’s unfaithful husband is seen finely dressed. He wears 1900s formal attire, with a long black coat and polished black boots. He has on a white shirt with silver buttons.

He is seen on the 4th floor and throughout the hotel, including the basement.

The prostitute is seen in a short red dress adorned with white lace. She is spotted on the 2nd floor, and in the lobby area. Several witnesses have stated they have seen her in the balconies above the lobby.

Balconies above the lobby.
She has issues with brides. Several have claimed to encounter her while in the hotel. 

One Halloween, mannequins were displayed as a bride and groom. A witness saw a lady in a red dress push the bride mannequin over, then she just disappeared.

A fourth ghost is seen in the Plains is a man who killed a guest. He was involved in an argument with this guest and shoved this poor soul out of a 4th-floor window.

Witnesses state they feel anger, and a sense of dread in the area where this happened.

When these ghosts are present, guests report doors and windows open without assistance. 

Plains Hotel today.

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