Monday, May 27, 2019

Titanic: A North Atlantic Haunting

Lost souls from the R.M.S. Titanic are said to haunt graveyards and artifacts *, but what is less talked about are victims of this tragedy haunt the North Atlantic Sea where this large passenger ship sank.

In the frigid early morning hours of April 15, 1912, four days into her crossing, the “unsinkable” Titanic hit an iceberg mid-Atlantic and sank taking 1,518 lives with her.

The Titanic sinking.

Crew members on the CS Minia
pulling a deceased victim form
the sea.
For two months after the Titanic sank, ocean liners continued to encounter the victims’ corpses floating on the surface. Eventually, only 333 bodies were recovered.

Because many of the bodies of the deceased passengers were never found, they remain in this watery grave. 

Some believe this created restless souls that make their presence known.

Witnesses on vessels that have visited or just passed near where the Titanic sank, over the years, have confirmed unusual activity that no one has been able to explain.

At night, there are many reports of lights seen dancing along the surface of the water near the site. Others report, they saw, what they describe as “glowing orbs” above and below the waterline.

Deep sea vessel exploring Titanic.
Ship radios tend to go haywire near this area. Static overtakes them. 

Deep-sea vessels have received mysterious S.O.S signals near the wreckage none have been able to trace the source for these radio waves.

One of the most unusual incidents happened in 1977. Leonard Bishop, a second officer on the S.S. Winterhaven, gave one passenger a tour of the ship, as they crossed the Atlantic.

Bishop couldn’t pinpoint why, but he found this soft-spoken British passenger, odd. This passenger did pay close attention to even the smallest details Bishop shared.

Captain Edward J. Smith
Later that year, a colleague of Bishop’s showed him an old photograph. Bishop told his associate, “I know that man, I gave him a tour of the ship.” 

His colleague laughed at him and said, “That’s impossible. This is Captain Edward Smith, he was the captain of the Titanic.”

    In another post, I share information about the haunted Titanic exhibit.

Bodies no longer remain but many victim's shoes
surround the wreckage 12,600 feet down.

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