Thursday, May 23, 2019

Haunted NASA Launch Site

On the morning of January 27, 1967, three astronauts, Gus Grisson, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee, were sitting in the Apollo 1 capsule for a pre-launch flight test at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Gus Grisson, right, Ed White center, Roger Chaffee left.
Science Society Picture Library via Getty Images

A faulty wire caught fire under Command Pilot’s Grisson’s seat. This fire, because of the “pure oxygen” in the cabin spread quickly. The crew was trapped and could not escape—killing all three men. It was just two weeks before they were scheduled to blast off.

This tragic accident led NASA to make significant design changes, which made Apollo spacecraft’s safer for future journeys to the moon.

Launch Complex-34 abandoned.
Launch Complex-34, near the Atlantic Ocean, where this accident happened was shut down a year after this accident in 1968.

All that remains at this site today, 52 years later, is a concrete launch platform and rusted steel—a grim reminder of this ill-fated day. 

But some believe that something else remains at this site--the spirits of these three astronauts.

NASA refuses to officially acknowledge this haunting but soon after this site was closed down they no longer allowed their tour buses to drive past this launch pad.

They also no longer allow people to visit Complex-34 because of what they state are “unusual occurrences.” There is one exception to this rule—they have let paranormal teams in to investigate the area.

The cause for all this secrecy is because visitors and space coast workers state the area is haunted.

Plaque to honor the three
lost astronauts.
Two plaques and three granite benches were placed at the launch site as a memorial to these fallen astronauts. It is here where people have heard agonizing screams.

A former security guard claims every time he patrolled the area at night, he would get an eerie feeling. He never mentioned this to his bosses feeling they would think he was crazy.

But countless others have also reported feelings of sadness, dread, and even fear overtook them while visiting Complex-34.

There are reports that witnesses have seen “floating apparitions” near the launch pad.

More specifics about this and paranormal team findings can be found in the book by Joanne Austin entitled, Weird Haunting: True Tales of Ghostly Places.

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