Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Letta the Gypsy Doll

Kerry Walton and
Letta Me Out.
It is believed that a Romanian Gypsy made this doll by hand for his son, named Letta. This boy often told his father that the doll, “talked to him.”

Sadly, this boy drowned while playing with this doll. Afterward, it was believed his spirit then became trapped in this toy.

In recent years the doll has been dubbed “Letta Me Out” because of this belief.

People have stated while they held this doll or even stood close by it caused them to feel irrational grief. Others report they cried without apparent reason.

This doll has an odd, distorted face. It is made of wood, with human hair, and glass eyes. The nails in its shoes date back over 200 years.

Kerry Walton, an Australian, has owned Letta for forty years. When he first brought the doll home, his children woke up one night crying hysterically. They told their father the doll talked to them and moved its head.

There are many documented cases of people seeing this creepy doll move.

Letta the haunted doll.
Even dogs sense there is something unusual about Letta. People have had to hold their pets back as they try to attack and bite this doll.

Walton, who often travels with the doll around Australia—to display it—claims that every time he takes “Letta out’’ it rains.

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