Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Manitou Springs' Cave of the Winds

Strange mist caught on camera.
The Native American’s call these Grand Caverns, Cave of the Winds.

In 1960, the Jicarilla Apache tribe of New Mexico stated that this cave is home to the “Great Spirit of the Wind.”

Entrance to Cave of the Winds.
They believe the twisting movement of the wind, at the cave’s entrance, will cause a person to become, twisted both in body and mind. Because of this, only the bravest of their tribe will enter.

The Grand Caverns, as some call them, are located at the entrance to Williams Canyon northwest of Manitou Springs, Colorado. They were closed to the public from 1907 until 1980.

Today, 90-minute lantern tours are offered for adults. * With so many visitors, cave explorers and staff walking through the various cavern rooms-- there are now reports of “spooky happenings.”

Strange light captured on camera.
In the cave’s largest room the—Grand Concert Hall and in another room known as Lovers Lane, paranormal teams have stated they have seen full-body apparitions, strange mists, and heard unexplained sounds.

Unusual lights have shown up in photographs taken in these two rooms.

It is believed the spirit seen in the Grand Concert Hall is one of the cave’s 19th-century explorers and owners—George Washington Snider. He is seen observing tour groups as they pass.

Even the Cavern’s gift shop, located on the rim of Williams Canyon is considered to be haunted.

Landlines’ ring when they are unattached from the wall and the shop receives calls from inside the cave when no one is inside.

Also, in the mornings' employees find items around this gift shop either moved or missing.

Manitou Springs Colorado
Manitou Springs is a charming mountain town located just west of Colorado Springs. I love to visit the shops.

*  Shorter tours for families are offered without lanterns—lights on.

I wrote about another local haunting, Emma Crawford and Red Chief Mountain here.

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