Monday, June 17, 2019

Ohio’s Lick Road

End of Lick Road
Lick Road located in Northwest Cincinnati is haunted by the unfortunate ghost of a teenage girl.

This road is narrow and winds through dense woods, it then takes drivers down a steep hill. It runs from Kemper to the backside of the Richardson Forest Preserve.

Many will not take this route at night for it is an unsafe drive but more avoid it because of the ghost that lurks nearby.

A familiar tale told is that a young girl, named Amy and her boyfriend were parked at the end of Lick Road after their prom.

The first story states Amy angered her boyfriend when she resisted his amorous advances. He then rapes and kills her. Desperate, he dumps her body in the woods to hide the evidence.

Since witnesses have claimed to hear a female’s piercing screams and two distinct words, “Help Me!”

Others believe this ghost leaves written messages on cars. At the end of Lick Road is a lover’s lane and couples state that after their car fogs up, they have seen a finger trace the words, Help me, on their windows.

Others witnesses have seen this female ghost “floating” through the woods.

This ghost story, like many others, has evolved over the years. The next generation made this haunting their own.

Bridge on Lick Road
These teens described a scene where Amy tells her boyfriend after the prom, that she is pregnant. He refused to face the consequences and rejects her. She then later returns and throws her illegitimate, newborn baby off a bridge—and then kills herself.

Today the local teens have latched on to this latest story. It is stated if a person wants to see Amy’s ghost they should stand in the middle of Lick Road and announce—

“Amy, I have your baby.”

Then her ghost will appear and chase after the person who called out. It seems her spirit becomes angry when mocked.

This story also has more recently been connected to a method used by “Legend Tripping” teens across the U.S. to dare ghosts to appear—

It is advised they park their car, facing the path, turn the engine off, and flash their lights three times then Amy will appear.

Explore this road at your own risk—it is surrounded by private property and is maintained by the Hamilton County Park District—the police monitor it.

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