Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Pink Palace’s Helpful Ghost

Pink Palace, Louisville, Kentucky

Located at the end of St. James Court in Louisville, Kentucky is a magnificent Victorian mansion. The Pink Palace was built in 1891.

Pink Palace's Turret
This three-story mansion displays a French Chateau inspired turret and a grand staircase. It has been lovingly maintained for over a century.

It was initially used as a classy Gentleman’s Club where its members came to unwind and enjoy cigars, brandy, cards, and the women upstairs.

The mansion was then used as a private family home until 1910.

An organization that influenced Prohibition, The Women’s Christian Temperance Union bought the mansion next.

Appalled and embarrassed to find the home was once used as a brothel they had its red brick walls painted “pink” to wipe this history clean.

Since the mansion has been referred to as the Pink Palace.

By the 1970s and ‘80s, the home was being used as apartments. These residents and past owners all have mentioned the mansion is haunted.

Elegant Rooms, click to enlarge.
One specific entity is seen—Avery is believed to have been a butler in the home before he died.

He is an older, southern gentleman who wears a crisp dark suit with a string tie. He is tall—six feet in height, and he is a friendly ghost.

View from the front.
When Avery appears it is to warn the living something dangerous is about to happen.

One female resident describes the time Avery stood in front of her at the top of the stairs. He would not let her pass.

She looked down and realized there was a rolled edge on the upper carpet that she had not seen. She would have tripped down the stairs if Avery had not stopped her.

Years later, another female who lived in the basement apartment encountered Avery in an embarrassing moment. She was taking a bath when Avery appeared.

One bathroom.
Startled, she jumped out of the tub—just in time to avoid a huge cement block that came hurling through the window. If she had not moved, this block would have hit her head.

Two burglars had thrown it in an attempt to break-in. This female was able to alert the other occupants, and they called the police.

Several residents have claimed Avery has saved them.

He appeared several times to warn residents that a fire was about to break out in their kitchens. They then were able to unplug appliances or turn off stoves just in time.

This spirit is obsessed with sharp objects--they are dangerous. Residents would find their scissors, pins, pocket knives, etc., lined up on one table in the entry hall, regardless of where they were kept in the home.

Two of the kitchens.
Avery has been seen for over a century at the Pink Palace.

The mansion in recent years has been for sale. It has beautiful grounds, a large swimming pool, and a two and a half car garage in the back—and one very helpful ghost.

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