Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Ghost at Valentine High School

Today this old school in the small town of Valentine, Nebraska, is a museum called Centennial Hall.

Centennial Hall Museum
Its’ twelve rooms house a variety of antiques, including the 1,700 Hallock Bell collection that takes up an entire room.

Charles F. Bendoff designed this two-story school in 1897. It was built in 1898. It was used both as a primary and secondary school for the Cherry County School District.

This building is the oldest high school still standing in Nebraska. It is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

It was Valentine High School teachers, that first noted a ghostly girl, often seen roaming the halls.

It is believed she was a student at the school in 1944. As a joke, another student poisoned her Clarinet reed. She then tragically suffered a heart attack and died.

Her apparition is still seen in the museum today. Visitors state they experienced an uncontrollable feeling of being unwell at the same time they saw this ghost.

Centennial Hall Museum
Other activity includes--

Cold spots are felt, and strange noises are also heard. Band music is often heard coming from the school’s old music room. Instruments are no longer stored in the building.

Items are also seen moving on their own. Most notably a rocking chair that is seen rocking without cause.

Local residents claim the building itself is spooky. As they drive by they state, “it is as if the building is watching them.”

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Leona Joan said...

What a fascinating yet totally spooky building. I would love to visit this interesting museum. I feel sad for the ghost of the poor girl who was poisoned. I hope her Spirit finds peace on the Other Side.