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Famous Curses Through History, Part ll

The Cursed Wedding

Maria Vittoria
Maria Vittoria del Pozzo, the sixth Princess della Cisterna, is said to have had a cursed wedding.

When Prince Amedeo of Savoy announced he was going to wed Maria, his father, King Vidor Emmanuel ll of Italy was against the marriage.

The main reason for this was he felt his son could make a better match. After all, Maria was a mere Duchess consort without a royal birth.

Despite his father’s objections, Prince Amedeo married Maria in May of 1867. Their wedding day, at every turn, was doomed and many connected to it appeared to be cursed.

Prince Amedeo
The morning of the wedding the bridal party discovered the woman who was responsible for the wedding dress had committed suicide--she hanged herself.

Maria being superstitious chose another gown to wear.

As the bridal party made its way from the palace to the church, the colonel that was chosen to lead the procession fell off his horse and died of sunstroke.

With his replacement, the party continued, but the palace gates for some reason would not open. When the gatekeeper was sent for he was found dead in a pool of blood.

Immediately after the wedding, the best man toasted the wedding party by shooting himself in the head.

The party then left for the train station but once at they arrived the man who drafted the marriage contract had internal bleeding in the brain and died.

After this, the stationmaster was pulled under the wedding carriage or “car” and died. This brought the death total to 5.

The King now worried about the cost of all these funerals and not wanting anything else to happen, demanded everyone return to the palace.

As the wedding party exited the train the Count of Castiglione also got pulled under the wedding carriage, the medallion that he wore was crushed into his body--stabbing him in the heart.

This couple lived together for the next ten years. Maria died at the age of 29 during childbirth.

The Forever 27 Club Curse

Amy Winehouse is the latest talented musician who died young becoming a member of this club in 2011.

Members of the 27 club are famous, talented musicians who all died at the age of 27.

The 27 Forever Club
This curse supposedly started with Robert Johnson who died in 1938 at the age of 27. Vicious rumors stated that he made a pact with the Devil so that he could make “great music.”

Robert Johnson
Johnson is credited with inventing the Blues.

Since it is said, others have fallen “unaware” to this curse. Among these include Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison--whose ghost I write about here.

All these artists made a difference in each of their generations.

Jones drowned in a pool, Hendrix was asphyxiated by his own vomit, Joplin and Morrison both died of drug overdoses, and Cobain shot himself in the face.

Another recent musician who fell victim to this curse and died at the age of 27 was Lily Tembo. She was a famous artist in Zambia. She died in 2009.

In Part l of Famous CursesThrough History read about two other curses, one involving a disturbed tomb and another about a disturbed grave.

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