Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pocatello High School

Just this week AOL and Great Britain’s Daily Mail reported the following story.

Pocatello High School
Pocatello High School located in Idaho reported their school security cameras picked up some mysterious activity over the recent Winter Break.

It being the holidays no one was in the building when this activity was recorded. After the break, the principal was alerted when a staff member saw lights flickering and a ghostly figure in a hallway on one camera's recording.

For over a two-minute period the lights flicker on and off in this hall, loud bangs are heard and then a human like figure is seen standing to the left in one classroom doorway.

This figure appears to float into the hall and then returns to the classroom. Skeptics immediately jumped on this and stated it was just “dirt” that was filmed closer to the camera.

But this explanation does not explain the flickering lights or sounds recorded in this hallway when no one was in this building.

School personnel point out that teachers and students at this high school have heard and seen strange activity in the past.

People have heard disembodied whispers and strange unexplained noises.

Many refuse to go into the school’s auditorium alone. A large shadow has been seen looming on the ceiling.

This strange activity has happened so often that a former principal decided to call in a paranormal team.

They discovered there have been six deaths on the property and that the original high school burnt down in 1914. The present school was built in 1918.

Here is what their security camera caught over the recent break.

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