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The Murder and Ghost of Pearl Bryan, Part lll

Scott Jackson continued to
insist to reporters he had
been wrongly convicted.
During Pearl Bryan's sensationalized murder trial testimony of unreliable witness accounts were used because neither Scott Jackson nor Alonzo Walling confessed to the crime.

A Star Witness

Two of the witnesses at the trials testified they saw Jackson enter Wallingford’s saloon with a blonde lady the night before Pearl was discovered dead.

Later Jackson and Walling left with this lady in a horse cab driven by a third man.

This cabman could not be found so several newspapers offered large rewards to anyone who could identify this man.

A black man by the name of George Jackson came forward to claim the reward. He was later convicted of perjury in another trial.

He told the authorities that Walling had offered him 10 dollars to drive a doctor and his patient across the bridge to Kentucky.

Alonzo Walling

Later Walling drove up in a carriage and he took over the reins.

When he heard a woman moaning in the back of the carriage he tried to leave but he stated Walling drew a pistol on him and forced him to continue.

When they arrived at their destination he saw another man exit the carriage with a woman who could barely walk--as they went into the woods he took off on foot.

George Jackson’s story was highly unlikely. Later the police chief and his former employee in Springfield publicaly stated that they believed he was lying.

He was a known conman who craved notoriety.

When he was taken to the prison to identify Scott Jackson--he didn’t recognize anyone until a guard let Jackson’s name slip at which point he pointed him out.

His story was put into evidence and used at the trials. His testimony turned out to be the most controversial. 

People wondered why two experienced horseman--Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling would hire a witness to their crime.

George Jackson was ordered to recreate
the fatal journey. This time with
3 police officers in the back.

Final Thoughts

The story of Pearl Bryan’s death was horrific enough without all the exaggerated myths and rumors that were spread at the time.

These myths are often given as the reason why Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky is haunted by Scott Jackson, Alonzo Walling and the most active of the three ghosts--Pearl Bryan.

Pearl probably haunts this building because it is near where she was decapitated.

But the two men probably haunt it--not because of some exaggerated story about them being members of an occult group--but because they possibly might have been convicted and hanged for a crime they didn’t directly commit.

The real truth is lost to history and a poor investigation and trial.

Haunted Night Club

Bobby Mackey, a popular country music star, bought an old wooden building located in Wilder, Kentucky in 1978. It was on this site where the original slaughterhouse building stood.

There is a sign posted on the door that states, “possibility of paranormal activity enter at own risk.”

His nightclub is a popular spot to hear good music, it is also a place that many paranormal investigators visit.

Sign on door.
Three Ghosts

Witnesses have stated that they have seen both Pearl’s and Alonzo Walling’s apparitions in this building.

Yet another newspaper reported Walling just before the noose was slipped around his neck stated he intended to return and haunt the area. Many feel he followed through on his promise.

A psychic stated that she saw Scott Jackson having an argument with Pearl. She saw him yelling at Pearl as she fretted and held her head in her hands stating, “My head, my head.”

He yelled at her, “It was your fault.”

One female employee at the bar states that as she walked into the club one day an unplugged jukebox started to play The Anniversary Song.

This jukebox does not include this song on its selection boards. This employee feels that Pearl has a romantic side and it was her that played this song.

Several women patrons, pregnant at the time they visited the night club, have started that Pearl messed with them.

Bobby Mackey’s wife Janet while 5 months pregnant--Pearl was 5 months pregnant when she died-- was grabbed around the waist and thrown to the ground by an unseen entity.

The sign posted on the door--warning patrons to enter at their own risk--was placed there at the recommendation of a lawyer after a female patron had her clothes ripped in the restroom by a disapproving entity.

In Part l of The Murder andGhost of Pearl Bryan, I share several of the bizarre rumors and myths that surround this case.

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