Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ghost Children

The concept that there are ghosts who are children is often hard to accept. Just thinking about this causes deep feelings of sadness and concern. 

Ghosts are often thought of as being lost or confused, or trapped because they have unfinished business, etc. 

So when we think of children that we consider innocent being in a state of limbo it is disturbing. But unfortunately, the reality is ghost children are seen as often as adult ghosts.

Living children often report seeing ghost children, this could be because they have something in common. 

Often when children recount their experiences with these ghosts to an adult they use terms like my sister or brother, or my friend. This is why parents or caretakers often think the child is referring to an imaginary friend. 

These encounters are most often harmless but there is one exception to this rule and it is disturbing. 

Sometimes negative energy takes on the shape of a child, to gain the trust of the living so they can manipulate or use them. These child ghosts appear before adults as well as children.

A specific example of this in my state is a belief held by the Pueblo Native Americans. They believe in shapeshifters and they feel these shapeshifters appear sometimes in the form of children. 

Pueblo Native Americans live in wide-open spaces and strangers are not often seen. Some warn each other not to talk to the child they spotted alongside the road, a few miles back because it is not a child but a shapeshifter.

A phenomenon that has been discussed a lot in the paranormal community is black-eyed children. These children are normally seen in pairs and their eyes, including the white part of their eyes, are completely black. 

They approach the living requesting help, or if they are at your door they request to come in. More often than not people who encounter them sense something is not right or they just get freaked out and refuse their requests. 

It is believed these children are demons or evil energy and that they cannot harm the living unless they are invited in. In one of my former posts, I discuss Darkness Radio’s * discussion about this phenomenon.

*  Darkness Radio is no longer on the air, but Dave Schrader does podcasts and hosts other radio shows now.

Black-eyed child.

Most ghost children are benign compared to the two examples above. Like most ghosts, they just want attention-- which means they are an intelligent haunting. 

Others are just a memory the building or place keeps-- which means they are residual in nature. The ghost children I have personally encountered have been very sad, or very curious. *

Unfortunately, some ghost children are victims. They are trapped because of an act of violence that was done to them leaving them to face unfinished lives. 

One child ghost I have encountered appears to fit into this category. He witnessed a murder and when the murderer spotted him he was murdered as well. At present, he stays in one specific part of a building my group investigates.

Some theorize that ghost children stay around because they like the feeling of lightness they experience after death. Others assign a much more dark reason for their presence, they feel these children might be trapped because they are being held against their will by a stronger force. 

All I know is they are here for reasons I cannot fathom. 

* Some parapsychologists speculate that ghosts can appear at various stages--meaning they can appear as an adult one time, and at another time as a child, or elderly person at another time.


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Leona Joan said...

Fascinating. Does the child's ghost still haunt the building?

Virginia Lamkin said...

I haven't investigated this store recently--but the ghost had been there for over a century--so I imagine he is still there.